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help paying my bills

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Im in a very desperate situation, its me my husband and my 2 year old daughter.  i have  a WE energie bill due now that is $1,036.00 rent due on april 1st $700.00, and we still have cable, and cell phone bills. and i guess the deadline to pay our WE energie bill is april sometime.. if it gets shut off its $600.00 to turn it back on!  we get a $350.00 unemployment check every week until may when my husband goes back to work. I dont know what im going to do...
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im in a desperate situation i really need help paying for my 300.00 dollar elictric bill i really dont have the money right now and i dont want to have my light out i have two small children and no other place to go if you could please help. thanks

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 in response to family in need3...   


Try callng 211 and ask about temporary cash assistance for your state then look up your local chapter in this link as they are pretty good depending on state and funds in helping out with utility bills

And try or too..

I would call the electric company again and ask to speak to the highest person there!!

My blog has information on job places for you to apply and always check the online classifieds too for get to my blog go here

good luck..


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family in need3

Hello.  I am in need of help to pay our electric bill.  We are about to be disconnected, probably tomorrow because our due date for our past due amount is today.  I have 2 children ages 8 and 9 in the home and am pregnant with a 3rd child.  I lost my job July of last year and my husband is fighting to get disability.  We only bring in $288 a month which doesn't come anywhere close to taking care of everything.  We are behind on everything, but electric is the worst right now.  We use electric for everything including our heat.  We have an appointment with energy assistance, but it's not til Wednesday.  I have tried to compromise with the electric company to get an extension until at least Thursday,but got an abosolutely not from them.  Anything anyone can do to help would be very greatly appreciated.  If you can help email me please at  Thank you so much

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i am about to have my electric shut off because i didnt have the full amount last week because my water pipes froze up and i had to have them thawed out and i really need help i have two children a sixteen year old and a thirteen year old both boys and if my electric gets shut off i will have to have them stay with friends or family either way they wont be able to be with me so if anyone can help me please tell me thank you

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hi im a mom of 4 children 3 boys 1 girl who i love very much and will try to give them everything they need but with these tough times with high cost of living im falling behind in my con edison bill i live in the bronx in a private house my landlord doesnt live here so when they come to read my meter they cant get in so they estimate my bill and it was really high when i did get the bill if anyone can help with info i would greatly appericate it you can e mail at
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Mojo 1975

Hello my name is Monica i am in need of help with my electric i am going to be shut off tomorrow with 4 children in my house. My husband lost his job before Christmas without warning. an someone please help us

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hello my name is nicolle and im a single mom of 2. one age 7 and the other 7 months bith girls. we are in desperate need of help with money for our bills. i am past due on my electric, rent, and medical bills. also my girls are in need of winter clothing and my youngest is almost out of diapers. i have tried calling every where and they all cannot help me. i worked at the same job for 2 1/2 yrs then got laid off my only source of income is my unemployment right now and thats only 160 every week and that just isnt enough for us. ive really been trying my hardest to get a job but i just cannot afford daycare and cant find a baby sitter any where. if there is anyone out there that could even send 1, 5 or more dollars to help we would really appreciate it.

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 in response to ntodorich...   Click here to read a blog post from someone who got 2 government grants to get their lights and heating shut back on!

Go to your local social service agency because they should know of programs that can help you with your heating bill(s).

Personally in my own state I know certain things about what the utility companies can and can't do and in my area even though they send out a shut off notice they will not actually be able to shut off your service immediately!

Are there programs out there to help with your heating bill(s). Yes there are most definitely such programs! and I have mentioned some of these programs on my own blog, Grant Basics 101.

If you get a shut off notice then you have to realize that there are still some things that you may be able to do to keep your service from being shut off! Call your nearest social services agency and find out about those programs because they are out there to help people with their heating bills!

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I am looking for some help with my electric  and medical bills. I am a mother of two beautiful girls ages 7 and 7 months. i am currently laid off work and cannot find another job right now and it is hard with not having any one to watch the girls. i have been doing everything i can to get caught up but i cannot. my electric bill is 350 right now and they said if i dont come up with at least half they are shutting it off anf i cannot have them do that with my little girls in the house. also i had to go to the doctors awhile back because i was having some severe pain in my stomach and had to get rushed to the er and i cannot afford to pay my bill. It is 3200 bucks and i jst cannot afford that and have tried getting help everyday. if any one has any kind of info or someway to help email me at

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I need help turning my lights on. Its $350.00 to get lights on in my name. My husband lost his job 3 months ago and if you know anything about Jeferson Energy you know they do not allow you to be late with a payment. So we have been without power for awhile now. We also have a son he is eight months old and we really need power so we can take care of him.

Thank you,                                                                              Crystal and Family

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mommy n need
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 in response to shirleybill...   

Well, I beg to differ with you...I know I heard my own parents who had health problems and limited income were having to cut medications in half just so they could have SOME of the meds until the insurance would pay for a refill.

And that was four or five years ago.


Good luck and blessings to you!

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 in response to dnamom...   These things just started happening this year, and during the last few months. Last year and the year before, no one had problems like that.
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 in response to shirleybill...   

I know that as of today alot of new changes are being implemented in the health insurance field, so hopefully things like this will not happen to anyone anymore.  For now, my best suggestion is to call the number on the back of your medicare card and ask for help.  Besides that, medical bills will not land you in jail or anything...they are civil matters.  However, I understand the importance of paying the bill so you can continue to see the doctor.

you may want to consider writing a letter to your congressman.

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 in response to dnamom...   

What about all the other people? The doctor is the one to prescribe medications to start with. They can't get the medications filled now, because of changes in the drug laws.

Bills that were once paid through medicare and medicaid, are not getting paid, and people are ending up with medical bills, the new laws...

Recently, i received a medical bill for $ office visit

$200.00 that was suppose to have been paid ... months ago

$300.00 was not eligible to be paid...simple office visits

Where do we go from there...that is medicare, and medicaid! And, it's happening to more than just me.

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to shirleybill...and anyone else it may apply to

I hope you do try to get the preauthorizations from your doctor for your prescriptions.  It should help.  Or, if not, try calling the number on the back of the medicare card...see what they can do to help!


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 in response to shirleybill...   If you're prescriptions are not getting paid for, try getting your doctor to do a preauthorization through your insurance.  That is what we did for many of our drugs.
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 in response to jdiller...   I am definitely interested in a wind generator. Let me know more about it.
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 in response to dnamom...   

O.k., perhaps you are right.

In the mean time, this year, people on SSDI and medicaid are being told that they cannot get their prescribed medications any longer, because they are not covered.

Others, whole medical bills were paid, now are receiving bills, instead of the typical papers that say "paid'.

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