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help paying my bills

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my electric is going to be shut off on monday and I no way to pay it
I have to pay my mortgage which will take my whole paycheck I have tried for assistance, but since I used the assistance for my gas bill i'm sort of out of luck for my electric bill I have tried everything, and I have my two small grandsons living with us, my husband has been out of work for two years, and I have no where to turn
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My lights are out I have three sons and can't pay untill friday a small loan of $140.00 is needed in lititz, p.a.
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My lights will be turned off Thursday 4/14/2011. I don't know what to do. Can someone help me please
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hi I'm 20 years old n I'm on m own.I work but I only work for temp and they pay every other 2 weeks.I have a husband n he is n the millitry part time.I been tryiging to keep m head aflot but its so ahrd trying to pay bills n gas.I been without lights befor in the dead of summer last year for 2 weeks I really don't want that to happend again.I'm doing all tha I can to keep my family I have together this my last resourt I really don't want to do anytinhg stuipd for cash I need help.
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I am a 29 Year old Im 9 months pregnaunt.Today I was told my that I No longer could have my eletric in my landlords name it will be shut off tommrow.I am a hard working person .But complacations with my baby I lost my job.I have no money to put the electric in my name.I cant bring my baby home with no eletric.PLEASE CAN SOME ONE HELP ME !
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My power was shut off a few days ago. My two year old son and I have really nowhere to stay but for a short time thing. I really need it turned on very soon, so if someone can help me find someone who can help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Belton, Missouri.
need help paying my utility bills. otherwise they will be shut off. I am a single working person in my household, wife is Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, she cannot work. We have kids, I just don't make enough at my job to pay the bills. i owe about 700 dollars on gas and electric. need help please let me know of anywhere i can look to assist me. thank you.
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Daytona Beach FL Help paying rent: So I was working and supporting my wife and kids so that she could go through school. Now I just got fired for a stupid reason and I don't know what I'm going to do now. I know that there are places to help pay my rent, but I don't know where to look.
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good morning everyone, my husband and i just bought our first home and have not been able to move in due to an old electric bill that we owe. we live in birmingham,al. if you know of any assistance programs or legitimate grants programs that we could apply for please help. thanks in advance.
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I am needing help in the columbia mo area. I need help with getting a place to stay i tried the colony in columbia mo but they wouldnt allow me to live there because i have a misdemeanor for stealing does any one know of any place that can help me move in although i have a misdemeanor? I need help with paying the deposit of some of the higher price places. i can afford half of it i do work partime. i have to have my own place within the next month or i will be on the streets. the public assistance housing is backed up for two years on the list so that isnt an option! please anyone who can help please
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I live in a house that is heated by propane, which was in my landlords name. The propane company wanted a $500 deposit to switch the propane account to my name. I didn't have that. The landlord didn't want any more deliveries made in his name, so he shut the tanks off. We had no way to heat the house, so we have been using electric heaters. The electric company and I already had a deal that I would pay a certain amount to pay my back bill and keep the current bill current. The current bill last month was 905.00 and this month it was 670. I can't make the payment, and they are going to shut the electricity off. I have asthma and depend on my nebulizer for breathing. If there is anyone out there that can help, it would be soooo appreciated..

Thank you!
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Hey I am in desperate need of help with my electric deposit. I got a job finally after searching and searching. They are so hard to come by these days. I am in school and have 2 boys. The deposit ($300) needs to be paid in the next week or they said they are going to shut it off. Please anyone that has a heart please help. I have been working so hard just to scrape by. My kids are not spoiled. They are well taken care of and appreciate life. I am lucky that way. If I can't come up with the extra money which doecn't even include the bill, I will not have anyway to take care of my sons or even do my school work. Please please someone please help!!!
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im a 23 year old with a 8 month year old daughter i dont have a job and my husbands hours got cut and we owe 435 to the electric company in a week please help
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Hi. Im new to posting so bear with me. Im a single mom of an autistic child. About a year and a half ago my son was a victim of sexual abuse. During the drama of the court trials and therapy sessions I lost my job. I have been able to pay all my bills and stay on top of things until now. I have called all the resource #s that I have been able to get my hands on and no one has funds to help. I need 350 by the 10th. I am desperate if any one can help or point me in the right direction in finding help. I would be eternally grateful. Thanks for any info anyone has.
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 in response to angelastar...   hi i found that most electric co if you use a nebulizer for your asthama and if your dr would sign an form they have to keep your electric on hope that helps alittle good luck
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Hey everyone...I am 23 and a collge student.single mom to a 2 yr old. My electric is getting cut off on march 6th 2011..I only owe 50 dollars..and I owe a cash advance place that said it I don't pay 200 Monday they are taking out a warrant on me...can anyone help me
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 in response to shortone...   

Hello and I am sorry your job hours got cut.

Try one of these below to see if they can help with rent.


I hope this helps some



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my hours at work got cut down to 3 days a week from full time, and I'm struggling and can't pay my bills, I have applied for energy assistance but am nowhere toward the top of the list because my heat is included in my rent, I have a disconnect notice from excel and they won't seem to work with me to resolve it, and I can barely afford to eat and get back and forth to work. Any suggestions would be welcome and give me a little hope in these very very dark dark days......thank you
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I can barely keep up with my bills. I took money out of my 401K to pay off my car to keep transpotation and to lower my insurance rate. But all of the others, electric, gas & gas for my car are eating me alive. We also have medical bills that are and have added to our bad credit. OMG its so hard to dig out of this mess. And taxes are coming up. My husband had a serious medical emergency and we are having such a hard time keeping up. Our most important bill is the we try to get that done and then the other things.
As anyone knows, bill collectors want thier money and they dont care if they take your car so you cant go to work.
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 in response to Inspiration...   ty for the help
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